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Periodic maintenance

For the trouble-free operation of your car, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance in accordance with the terms of the Operating Manual. Periodic maintenance should be carried out at authorized Hyundai Dealers. The date and mileage at which the next maintenance is carried out is determined by counting the corresponding period of time and mileage from the start date of the warranty on the car. Thus, there is a mode of maintenance "by time" and "by mileage" (depending on what comes first). It is recommended to replace the oil in the transmission units and in the car engine after each immersion of the corresponding unit in water, for example, when overcoming water obstacles. Failure to perform or improper performance of periodic maintenance, including if maintenance is performed by an unofficial Hyundai Dealer at the time of such maintenance, may result in a refusal to carry out repairs under warranty.

Vehicle inspection

In addition to periodic maintenance of the Hyundai car according to the regulations established in the service book, it is recommended to independently carry out a control inspection of the car after each refueling. The following are subject to control: • Engine oil level in the engine;
• Liquid level in the automatic gearbox (if there is a measuring probe);
• Fluid level in the hydraulic brake system tank;
• Liquid level in the engine cooling system;
• Liquid level in the windshield washer tank;
• Tire air pressure and wheel fasteners;
• Outdoor lighting, light and sound alarm devices;
• No leakage of fuel, oils and working fluids;
• Other checks regulated by the Hyundai vehicle operating manual.